Erica Everett is a local artist who grew up in the Hudson Valley and has lived the majority of her life in Nyack, NY.  After discovering a box of stamps at a yard sale years ago, she began to make jewelry; breathing new life into the beautiful squares of paper that have traveled to and from many places across the globe.

Since then she’s been finding and peeling stamps off of the backs of letters sent between lovers, friends, spies and everything in between. She has fallen in love with exploring how they have made their way to New York.

She’s drawn to nostalgic American images, strong female figures, beautiful florals, architectural details, and things curious and whimsical when thumbing through stamps.

Each piece of jewelry is one-of-a-kind and handmade from a vintage, cancelled postage stamp, and your wearing will add miles to its travels!



Robin first saw the magic of clay when she was seventeen and watched someone throw a pot on a wheel. How a lump of clay, turned around on a wheel becomes a form was mystifying. Although it was a few years before she had the chance to work with clay herself, a love affair began that has continued and deepened.

Her education as a potter consisted of night-time classes and practicing in every spare moment she had. She began at the Brookline Center for the Arts and after moving to New York City she studied with Bob Barry at the Earthworks program at the West YMCA in New York. She then experienced a 12 year hiatus, while raising young children and working full time, and when she returned to the Y to study with Outi Putkonen, she vowed never to leave pottery again. Eighteen years later, she has been true to her word. She left her full-time “day job” 7 years ago and focuses most of her time and energy on pottery these days. Her studio experience includes working as an Associate at Mugi studio and teaching at Mugi Studio, the JCC Manhattan and Pottery on Hudson. She is also currently a member of the Peekskill Clay Studios at the Hat Factory and the Peekskill Artists’ Alliance.


Richard Logue, proprietor of Beads-n-Creases divides his time between working at a local craft store and creating jewelry as well as ornamental crafts combining the ancient art of origami with contemporary beading.

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Tunde Szolga always been interested in creativity. She had tried lot of things, but jewelry-making became her love. It started when she received a beautiful beaded necklace as a present from her sister couple years ago. She loved it so much she wanted to create one on her own. She purchased different  kinds of beads and crystals and created her first piece of beaded jewelry. She likes learning new techniques and experimenting with new materials.  Her inspiration mostly comes from nature nad the materials she mostly uses are glass beads, Swarovski crystals and mineral stones.

Visit her Facebook and Etsy page.


Karyn, founder and sole proprietor of Twisted Creativity, endeavors to capture each moment with her own proverbial flavor of Twisted Creativity. Retail manager by day, adjunct professor by night, Karyn currently resides in Rockland County, NY, where her back yard and/or living room closet serve as her studio in her non-existent free time. Karyn’s current passion lies in incorporating her own torch-fired glass beads into her chainmaille jewelry.  Her jewelry designs include Celtic, modern, LGBTQ pride, SteamPunk and everything in-between.

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The beauty of AprilSaladinoDesign studio holds inspiration and stimulation.  There are colors and textures of dried pods, vintage bits and filigree, threads, lace, fiber, metals, images, quotes, memories and, of course, beads!  April spends her time there plucking things from where they dangle to create tiny new homes for them, adding intricate beadwork, resulting in one of a kind jewelry pieces. Within the hours it takes to create each piece is much emotion, care, skill and attention to color, composition and function.

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Stephanie Maddalena makes glass beads using ancient Venetian techniques. She teaches at a number of art schools in the tri state area. Visit her website.



After working in the automotive aftermarket industry selling brake pads, headlights and truckloads of anti freeze, Janet elected to pursue a long time interest in designing silver jewelry. After a short, but intensive study at a silversmith studio, she returned home to create a small studio and began to experiment. Building on locally successful ‘trunk shows’, Janet Setter Jewelry emerged.

All about making you part of the process, she loves creating a special piece of jewelry that reflects who you are. She has  a simple and thoughtful esthetic that stems from a love of the Outdoors, a mindful and fun yoga practice, and a wonderful garden of family and friends.




Pam Klein, owner of and designer for Tie Dye Earth, is a proud North Rockland resident of 12 years! She started her professional tie dye business five years ago, but has been tie dying for over 20 years! 

Tie Dye Earth specializes in tie dying and selling unique, fashionable, comfortable and fun tie dyed clothing and accessories for ALL ages and sizes, using only the highest quality dyes on earth! Everything is tie dyed with love, too! 

This company uses Eco-friendly washing agents when pre and post washing all tie dyed items to ensure that there will be no running or fading ever! Everything is ready to wear! 

Tie Dye Earth also specializes in tie dying beautiful custom and corporate orders, as well as putting together tie dyed gift baskets for raffles for various charity events around Rockland County! 

Mrs. Klein, holds a Bachelor's Degree in Art Education from The University of South Florida in Tampa, FL and a Master's Degree in Special Education from New Jersey City University in Jersey City, NJ! 

She has taught preschool special education and art education for over a decade in New Jersey.


Lisa originates from Brooklyn where she received a BA in Cultural Anthropology. Her designs feature organic flowing forms and are inspired by her travels and influenced by other cultures. Her pieces are made of sterling silver, bronze, brass or 14 K vermeil and semi-precious stones united in harmonious combinations that reflect natural environments. Pieces can also be custom ordered in gold.

“I find adorning the body with art to be a joyful occasion and am always inspired by the colors and shapes found in nature. My designs are based on organic flowing forms and are deeply influenced by other cultures. I choose to blend stones together to create a harmonious combination of tones, with the finished pieces being reflective of a variety of environments I have experienced.”



She has been making handcrafted jewelry at home since 2012. She recently opened an Etsy shop to sell her sea glass creations.  Her sea glass jewelry is made with glass that her family and she have hand picked from the Hudson River shores of North Rockland and Clarkstown. These areas include Stony Point, Emeline Park in Haverstraw, NY and Rockland Lake State Park. She uses a variety of materials  including sterling silver, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, organza, suede and many more to embellish the sea glass and make a truly unique piece of jewelry.



Paloma learned to knit a few years ago for myself and after people started asking me if I will sell my items to them, I came up with the idea to create my own business. I have always had a passion for jewelry and beads, so I started knitting necklaces with beads. I love to work with Japanese glass beads, they are very smooth and the quality is excellent. I have expanded into other items like bracelets, these items are a huge hit for existing and new customers. Find her creations on FACEBOOK.


Enjoy tasty, eclectic delights created by our restaurants as you stroll down the park. Visit a variety of the local food vendors to satisfy your cravings as you join in the fun.


5Senses Food Truck

Puerto Rican American/fusion straight from the Village of Haverstraw. 5Senses opened for business in 2015 and has garnered a big following. They cater and are available for private parties. Follow them on Facebook.




Tacos Marianitas

Authentic Mexican Food influenced by central Mexican Cuisine. Follow them on Facebook.




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Ice is Nice

The Village of Haverstraw's favorite iceman 'Champagne' will be at the festival serving the best flavored ice in the state of New York.